Dec 16, 2020

Truckloads of new orders for Austin in Australia

Truckloads of new orders for Austin in Australia

Austin Engineering has received $35 million-plus in new orders for more than 100 products in recent weeks, including truck bodies, water tanks and buckets.

The Asia-Pacific region was outperforming expectations with key workshops in Perth and Indonesia well positioned to remain close to capacity for the balance of the financial year and beyond, the company said.

Recent confirmed notable purchase orders received include:

  • 84 truck bodies for two large global miners in Western Australia
  • 12 truck bodies for a large global mining contractor for delivery into Queensland
  • Three stairway access water tanks for a large global miner in Queensland

“The Asia-Pacific region is performing exceptionally well at the moment with a strong line of sight to keeping our two large facilities in Perth and Indonesia close to capacity, and I am very happy with the level of orders and further opportunities in this region,” Austin managing director Peter Forsyth said.

“Offsetting this strength, the Americas are currently facing challenging operating environments, and this is a product of the broader economies in those regions.

“I am heartened by the scale of opportunities in the US, Canada and Chile and we remain confident that the tide will begin to turn early in the New Year in these regions.”