Jan 05, 2021

Rail line expected to open today

Rail line expected to open today

The Great Northern Railway should be back in operation this afternoon or early tomorrow morning. 

It follows a freight train derailment on Wednesday last week east of Charters Towers.

A call to Queensland Rail (QR) this afternoon confirmed they were well on the way to have the line operational.

QR and Aurizon tasked a crew of 50 to address the damage. 

The load was a shipment of fertiliser from Incitec Pivot’s Southern Cross phosphate operation located south of Cloncurry.  The spillage had been contained said QR.

QR expects the line to open this afternoon, weather permitting.

The derailment is is believed to be the result of an extreme localised weather event that impacted track infrastructure.

There are $360 million in capital upgrades and maintenance work planned to be invested in the line over the next five years from 2020-21. 

This is in addition to the more than $338 million spent in the last five years.