Dec 17, 2020

Port of Townsville unveils 2050 vision statement

Port of Townsville unveils 2050 vision statement

Port of Townsville has released its vision for the next 30 years, with objectives across four priority areas of planet, community, people and prosperity.

Chief executive officer Ranee Crosby said Port Vision 2050 upheld the Port’s long and proud tradition of servicing and strengthening communities and economic prosperity of Northern Queensland.

“Looking forward to 2050, we will be more than 180 years old. To continue to serve our communities, grow the trades and services of the future and ensure strategic defence and cruise capability for the future, our Ports will require expansion and modernisation,” she said.

“As we grow, we have a sharp focus on ensuring our developments and operations protect and improve our surrounding environment and the lives of our communities.”

Among the 30-year goals are:

  • becoming a climate-positive, climate-ready port, planting an additional million trees and halving baseline emissions,
  • transforming 10ha of land along Ross Creek into vibrant waterfront destinations,
  • supporting $5 million in local community projects through a newly established Port Community Fund, and
  • delivering the $1.6 billion port expansion in line with trade needs and facilitating more than $700 billion in economic value for Northern Australia.

More information can be found on www.townsvilleport2050.com.au

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