Dec 24, 2020

Port of Mackay maintenance dredging completed

Port of Mackay maintenance dredging completed

Maintenance dredging at the Port of Mackay has been completed.

The specialist dredging vessel TSHD Brisbane would depart the port today after commencing dredging operations earlier this month, said NQBP Chief Executive Officer Nicolas Fertin said.

“Completing the maintenance dredging on schedule was no mean feat in a marine environment where shipping schedules, tides and weather can all have an impact,” Mr Fertin said. 

“The completion of the maintenance dredging ensures our port can continue to keep trade flowing through the New Year and beyond.” 

About 140,000 cubic meters of natural sediment was removed from the Port of Mackay and placed at the approved Dredge Material Placement Area (DMPA), two kilometers north of Slade Islet. 

While dredging has been completed, minor bed-levelling works will continue into the New Year. 

NQBP has managed the maintenance dredging program at the port for more than 60 years. 

The dredging works are part of a $17m package of infrastructure works being completed over the financial year, enhancing the port’s capacity to facilitate current and future trades. 

The maintenance dredging was undertaken in accordance with all relevant State and Commonwealth maintenance dredging permits, and in line with the Queensland Government Maintenance Dredging Strategy for Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area Ports.

NQBP continued its rigorous environmental management program including monitoring of water quality, seagrass and coral communities, recording no incidents. 

Throughout the dredging, NQBP engaged with key stakeholders including the Mackay Technical Advisory and Consultative Committee (TACC). Members of the TACC include conservation groups, Traditional Owners, scientists, community, port users, and Commonwealth and State Governments.