Feb 09, 2021

Port of Bundaberg has its day in the sun

Port of Bundaberg has its day in the sun

Gladstone Ports Corporation’s workshop at the Port of Bundaberg is going green with a 30-kilowatt solar system installed over the entire roof.

The installation is the first stage of a workshop refurbishment project, which is just one of a raft of improvements the port has in store under a 50-year precinct blueprint.

A solar array of 160 panels now features on the roof with three-phase inverters installed inside the workshop.

“The solar panel project fits with our mission which is to operate our port facilities and services in an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable manner,” Port of Bundaberg manager Jason Pascoe said

“The solar panels provide economic and environmental advantages for our business.

“We are negotiating for the solar service to provide power to our administration building as well as surplus power going to the grid so we can get the most out of renewable energy.”

The refurbishment works are part of GPC’s 50-year precinct outlook for Bundaberg which includes a marine industry site, world-class marina development, conveyor and new wharves.

“At the Port of Bundaberg we’ve facilitated more than 25 projects, one of the major ones including the $5.33 million upgrade in roads and drains on Buss and Newman streets where GPC contributed $2.82 million to the project,” Mr Pascoe said.