Dec 21, 2020

South 32 funds a new youth mentor position in Cloncurry

South 32 funds a new youth mentor position in Cloncurry RedDoor Mentors Kyle Lamb and Sonny Ram and participants in Cloncurry-based registered training programs

South32’s Cannington operation has partnered with registered charity RedDoor Community Services to help disengaged young people in the Cloncurry region fulfil their potential.

Cannington’s AU$60,000 investment has enabled RedDoor to expand its services by employing a new Youth Development Mentor to deliver registered training programs in construction, hospitality and business for young people who are not currently engaged in formal education or employment.

The new Youth Development Mentor is also helping young people improve their employment prospects by building positive routines, emphasising the importance of consistent attendance for training, compliance with safety and procedural requirements and completion of course work.

Ultimately, the aim of the program is to re-engage young people by building skills, routines and confidence so that they can either return to school, move to further education or transition to employment said South32 Cannington Vice President Operations, Joe Russell.

“South32’s Cannington is delighted to provide this funding to enable RedDoor Community Services to expand its services and continue the excellent work it does in our local communities,” Mr Russell said.

“This is an investment in the youth of the Cloncurry region. Young people are learning new skills that will help them lead productive and healthy lives. I’m very proud we are in a position to help bring about such positive change.

“We believe we have a responsibility to get behind our local communities and help make a difference.”

They were lucky to have the support of South32 to further support local youth said Katherine Clarke, RedDoor Business and People Manager.

“Prior to this donation we only had capacity to support young people who were already involved with Youth Justice and Corrective Services, however, prevention is always the best option.”