Dec 02, 2020

New-look Liebherrs revealed in triple launch

New-look Liebherrs revealed in triple launch The new LRB 23 compact piling and drilling rig.

Liebherr has unveiled three brand-new machines and a fresh look that combines its classic yellow livery with new black, grey and white accents.

The new products include the compact piling and drilling rig type LRB 23, the HS 8070.1 crawler crane and a battery-powered crawler crane line, the LR 1200.1 unplugged and the LR 1250.1 unplugged.

The LRB 23 is marketed as a new all-rounder for deep foundation work, with an engine output of 600 kW.

Liebherr says it delivers the necessary capacity for all common deep foundation work, such as drilling with a Kelly drill, double rotary drill, full displacement equipment and continuous flight auger, as well as soil mixing and applications with a vibrator or hydraulic hammer. 

Its compact design allows for transportation of the LRB 23 in one piece, simplifying mobilisation between jobsites. The remote control simplifies the loading process for transportation as well as the assembly of the machine.

With the brand new HS 8070.1, pictured above, Liebherr unveils the newest generation of duty cycle crawler cranes.

The machine has a lifting capacity of 70 tonnes and is suited to material handling, deep foundation work or lifting work.

Using the new self-loading system (Jack-Up System) the crawlers can be easily disassembled for transportation, so reducing the transport weight to less than 35 tonnes.

Liebherr says the platforms and railings do not need to removed before transport.

The LR 1200.1 unplugged and LR 1250.1 unplugged, pictured above, are billed as world’s first battery-powered crawler cranes. Both are driven by electric engines with a system performance of 255 kW.

The LR 1200.1 unplugged has a maximum lifting capacity of 200 tonnes and the LR 1250.1 lifts 250 tonnes.

The colour scheme features a blue accent to symbolise the electric solution.

The cranes can be recharged on a conventional jobsite electric supply (32 A, 63 A) in 4.5 hours and optionally with 125 A in 2.25 hours.

The capacity of the battery is designed for 4 hours lifting operation. In accordance with their name, the cranes can be operated without a cable, thus “unplugged” thanks to the battery-electric drive design.