Nov 21, 2020

Jumbo drill and bolter a groundbreaking double act

Jumbo drill and bolter a groundbreaking double act

Komatsu’s new jumbo drill and bolter boast a common platform that allows operators to convert their machine from a jumbo to a bolter, or vice versa.

The company says its groundbreaking common carrier and control system for underground hard rock mining is designed to meet the industry’s needs for greater productivity and versatility while helping lower capital costs.

The new small-class ZJ21 jumbo drill and ZB21 bolter would be the first two of a planned 14 new models, Komatsu director of underground drilling Doug Eamer said.

The common platform offers 100 percent design commonality between bolter and jumbo from the rear skirt to the outer boom structure, making for a seamless conversion.

Komatsu says the versatility will help mining operations realise
advantages in job site efficiency and — with the common parts, service and maintenance — help reduce costs.

In addition, operator controls are universal between the jumbo and the bolter, to benefit mining organizations from a user training and adoption perspective.

The ZJ21 jumbo drill is designed to provide excellent coverage in a small jumbo platform, delivering up to 66sq m of face coverage.

The ZB21 bolter enables operators to bolt in any direction, and is capable of handling up to an 8-foot (2.4m) bolting head.

The diesel version of the ZJ21 jumbo and the ZB21 bolter are available to order now, with a battery option scheduled to roll out next year.