Dec 08, 2020

Junior looks at new processing tech for its copper-gold reserve

Junior looks at new processing tech for its copper-gold reserve

Cyclone Metals Limited is looking at emerging processing technology to apply to its reserve in north western Queensland.

The company has announced that it is pursuing development of processing options for its copper gold cobalt assets near Mount Isa region.

Wholly owned subsidiary, Mining International, holds tenure to four mining leases at the Wee MacGregor Project located in the Mary Kathleen Zone/Wonga Subprovince. 

Together with the currently growing and forecasted strong growth in copper demand and the increasing prevalence of electric vehicles, the Company has decided it was an opportune time for investment in the development of new environmentally friendly processing technology for copper and other valuable metals, said Non-Executive Chairman Terry Donnelly.

“Increasing environmental issues with the use of acid as a lixiviant in traditional copper heap leaching has reached a point where approval to operate with this technology will no longer be a viable option in the future,” said Mr Donnelly.

“An opportunity exists for the Company to utilise its Lady Ethleen project as a trial / demonstration deposit for development of an environmentally friendly alkaline leach processing solution. 

“The Company has done sufficient work on the Lady Ethleen project to ascertain a deposit of sufficient size for trial mining and processing that otherwise may be too small to be commercially viable. 

All work on the deposit to date has been internal only and is not of a standard to be reported as a JORC compliant resource, Mr Donnelly said. ‘The Company is satisfied with the scale of the deposit for its use in the proposed trial works,’ he said. 

“A successful trial will mean a significant shift in future processing technology and will in turn facilitate development of the part-owned nearby Wee Macgregor project as well as many other potential small assets in the district, that may be economic with appropriate processing technology.”

Cyclone Metals has a 20 percent interest in and a pre-emptive right over the remaining 80 percent.

The process to be used, known as tilted GlyLeachTM, was originally developed and patented by Curtin University and is being commericalised globally by Perth based Mining and Process Solutions (MPS). 

The GlyLeachTM process involves the use of Glycine as a lixiviant under alkaline conditions. 

This process has a number of significant benefits over traditional acid leaching including its environmentally friendly state which is non toxic to humans and wildlife, the ability to selectively leach valuable metals whilst leaving gangue minerals such as iron, manganese, silicates and carbonates in the leach residue, the ability to leach ores of different oxidation states (depending on process type, temperature, residence time, particle size, etc) and all the while being recyclable as the glycine is not chemically consumed in the overall process.