Jan 27, 2021

Group keen to unlock region’s iron ore potential

Group keen to unlock region’s iron ore potential Core from previous drilling work on the company's iron ore tenements.

Tablelands Mining Group aims to build an iron ore resource to support a mining operation over at least 10 years after adding a clutch of new tenements to its North Queensland ground.

Company managing director Anuj Timblo said 2021 would be focused on drilling and analysis across a majority of TMG’s tenements to hopefully develop sufficient resources to mine.

Its assets include the previously mined Mount Lucy site near Chillagoe, which is on care and maintenance, as well as the Mount Paddy and Mount Ruby deposits near Mount Garnet and Ravenshoe.

Mr Timblo said TMG acquired a further six tenements in the Mount Garnet region in late 2020 to add to the North Queensland Iron Ore project.

“Hopefully, this combined network of tenements delivers the required resources to establish an operation with a mine life of at least 10 years,” he said.

Tablelands Mining Group acquired its new Mount Garnet ground from Consolidated Tin Mines for $4 million.

The tenements were part of an advanced tin project under the former owners, but also contain significant concentrations of iron.

“TMG is optimistic about unlocking the value of iron ore resources in FNQ and the team is doing everything possible to progress the North Queensland Iron Ore project, ” Mr Timblo said.

TMG employs a small team in the Tablelands area consisting of an exploration team along with laboratory and site services personnel. The remaining staff are based in its Cairns office.

Mr Timblo said the group was currently recruiting for an exploration geologist, a geology database administrator, two laboratory technicians and a site services technician. Interested job seekers can register at careers@tablelandsmining.com.au

“The company continues to first look locally” he said.