Nov 04, 2020

Geoscientists strengthen professional ties

Geoscientists strengthen professional ties The Australian Institute of Geoscientists has joined forces with the peak body representing more than 800,000 Australian professional workers.

The Australian Institute of Geoscientists has joined the Australian Council of Professions as it pivots to meet future challenges in geoscience.

The council is a not-for-profit peak body comprising professional institutes and associations representing more than 800,000 professionals, including engineers, healthcare, computer professionals, accountants and veterinarians across Australia.

“The AIG board recognises that geoscience in Australia is not alone in facing a number of challenges in areas including professional accreditation and recognition, maintenance of educational standards both through formal university studies and continued professional development and education, and enhancing public confidence in professionals through enforceable standards of professional practice and ethics,” AIG president Andrew Waltho said.

“By joining the council, AIG seeks to bring both an understanding of professional issues facing Australian geoscience and learn from the experience of other members in their respective fields of practice.

“Many professional issues facing AIG are not unique to geoscience.

“We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial and productive relationship through being able to share ideas and experiences with other council members.”

Mr Waltho said the current council’s policy areas of education, accreditation and employability, professionalism and ethics and diversity and inclusion were directly relevant to AIG’s members and central to the future of the geoscience professions in Australia.