Dec 21, 2020

Gas guide aimed to help steer development

Gas guide aimed to help steer development

A guide on Queensland landholders’ rights and obligations on gas development has received a major update.

The GasFields Commission Queensland’s Gas Guide 2.0 pulls together all the information landholders need to know about gas development into one document, said Resources Minister Scott Stewart.

“The Gas Guide 2.0 is designed to give landholders the information they need to negotiate a fair and reasonable outcome should a resource company request to operate on private land,” Mr Stewart said.

“It covers everything from awarding exploration permits, land access and making good agreements, to gas field rehabilitation.

“The gas industry is an important part of the Queensland economy generating millions of dollars in royalties so it’s vital there is information and support available for everyone associated with it.”

The Gas Guide 2.0 is the first major update to the Gasfield Commission’s flagship publication, first published in May 2019.

The guide was the result of working with key industry stakeholder said GasField Commission Queensland Acting CEO Warwick Squire.

The updates within Gas Guide 2.0 include the addition of links to all current and relevant petroleum and gas industry legislation, Queensland Government forms and framework downloads, and recognised industry best practice guides, requirements and codes.

To download your copy of Gas Guide 2.0, visit: www.gfcq.org.au/gasguide.