Jan 05, 2021

Ex-tropical cyclone localises its impact

Ex-tropical cyclone localises its impact

The Bureau of Meteorology reports at 5pm (AEST), Ex-tropical cyclone Imogen was located approximately 120 kilometres east of Georgetown, and is slow-moving. 

A coastal trough extends from ex-Imogen into the Coral Sea, and is triggering widespread rain areas, heavy showers and thunderstorms for the northeast tropics.

Heavy rainfall is expected with six hourly rainfall totals between 150 mm to 200 mm. 

Periods of localised intense rainfall leading to life-threatening flash flooding with six hourly totals of 250 mm about the coast and ranges in the warning area between Tully and the Lower Burdekin are also possible.

The warning area has constructed from the last report at 8:30 this morning moving east of Greenvale and Charters Towers and south to Tully.

Damaging wind gusts are possible with thunderstorms about coastal areas from Ingham to Ayr.

Areas north of Tully are no longer likely to experience widespread heavy rainfall, with heavy falls expected to be more isolated with thunderstorm activity later this afternoon and overnight into Wednesday. Severe thunderstorm warnings will be issued for this activity, as necessary.

A Flood Watch and various Flood Warnings are current throughout the area, refer to those products for more information.

Locations which may be affected include Townsville, Palm Island, Ingham, Ayr, Giru, Cardwell, Tully and Lucinda.

Selected rainfall observations in the 6 hours to 1pm include:

  • Upper Bluewater 168mm, Paradise Lagoon 119mm, Paluma 92mm, Upper Black River 89mm.
  • Upper Bluewater recorded 72mm in an hour to 1pm.

Damaging wind gusts were reported at Bushland Beach north of Townsville today.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services advises that people should: 
* Move your car under cover or away from trees. 
* Secure loose outdoor items. 
* Seek shelter, preferably indoors and never under trees. 
* Beware of fallen trees and powerlines. 
* Never drive, walk or ride through flood waters. If it’s flooded, forget it. 
* Keep clear of creeks and storm drains. 
* For emergency assistance contact the SES on 132 500. 

The next Severe Weather Warning will be issued by 11:00 pm tonight.

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