Oct 19, 2020

Employment at forefront of QRC election campaign

Employment at forefront of QRC election campaign

The Queensland Resources Council has launched a ‘Protect Your Job’ campaign urging Queenslanders to get behind State election candidates who support the mining and gas industry.

QRC chief executive Ian Macfarlane said Queensland’s unemployment rate was now the highest in Australia at 7.7 per cent and forecast to rise to 9 per cent, making job security and job growth voters’ No. 1 priority.

“The mining and gas industry offers incredible, well-paid job opportunities and actively recruits female and indigenous employees to improve our sector’s diversity,” he said.

“Resources already supports the jobs of 372,000 people and 14,400 businesses, and last year contributed $74 billion to the state economy in direct and indirect spending.

“This highlights the need for people to vote for candidates who support jobs in the Queensland resources sector.”

The latest advertising angle follows a blow-up last week when some major mining and energy companies expressed opposition to QRC material specifically targeting the Greens.

Mr Macfarlane said Queensland mining and gas companies paid Australia’s highest rate of royalty taxes, last year contributing $4.5 billion to the state budget to help fund teachers, nurses, doctors, roads, hospitals and schools.

“If the next government of Queensland can commit to holding royalty rates at current levels for the next 10 years, it would stimulate major new investments in mines and gas fields,” he said.

“That means resources companies would pay more royalty taxes overall into the State budget and fund more teachers, nurses, doctors, roads, hospitals and schools.”

Mr Macfarlane said both major parties had committed to working with the resources sector to implement a Resources Industry Recovery Plan, a crucial first step to getting a cohesive, responsible plan in place to secure Queensland’s long-term economic security.