Nov 04, 2020

Coopers adds Queensland steam to its brewing

Coopers adds Queensland steam to its brewing An 3MW boiler on completion for a client. East Coast Steam is building two 10MW boilers for Coopers Brewery.

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South Australian brewers Coopers are building a reputation in Queensland as being the good blokes of the beer industry.

The generational brewer recently placed orders for two steam boilers with Brisbane-based East Coast Steam.

East Coast steam manufactures steam boilers and pressure vessels that are distributed throughout the Asia-Pacific. 

Brewers make up a large market segment, particularly with the rise of craft breweries.

Netting Coopers Breweries as a client for the first time was satisfying said East Coast Steam Sales manager Rob Fowler.

“Coopers is one of the biggest independent brewers in the world,” said Mr Fowler. “And the reason it’s independent is it’s wholly and solely owned by the Coopers family. 

“Coopers has been around for around 140 years and passed through generations. I think the great factor for us was that Dr Tim Cooper, the CEO, really wants his team to source locally, … and they do this with all their equipment … to try to back Australian-made products.

“We’ve secured a contract to build two boilers for their brand-new boiler house in Adelaide. And that’s two of our biggest, which are 10 megawatt or a thousand horsepower in old terms. 

“So it’s good for us, but it’s even better that that business stays in Australia and is being used by a great Australian manufacturer.”

Steam is the default process for sterilization and cleaning in hospitals, food processing and brewing among others.

The Coopers contract highlighted the business’ capabilities in producing a longer wearing and more reliable boiler in the face of unfettered overseas competition said Mr Fowler.

“I suppose to win any job is where you want to be, but to win a job with an Australian icon and being able to show our wares, its puts us on a stage that other boiler manufacturers or boiler companies would be really envious of.

“Not only because it’s an Australian company, but also because we get to manufacture it.

“We all have heard or know, or have been on the end of something that seemed a good bargain at the time only to have either replaced it or repaired it numerous times in the life cycle, compared to spending that little bit extra, be it a boiler, a dishwasher, a car or a fridge and getting much better value. 

“It’s the same scenario, isn’t it?”