Dec 21, 2020

Christmas Q&A – Kate Dickson

Christmas Q&A – Kate Dickson

Kate Dickson is Queensland manager for the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC). She joined iQ for a quick Christmas Q&A….

What are your goals and expectations for your organisation and industry in 2021?

The goal of our organisation is that the interests of explorers, emerging miners and producers become top priority for governments and are supported and valued by the community. Our advocacy focus is:

  • increase sustainable mining and exploration activity
  • reduce the cost of doing business
  • streamlining approvals and removing red tape.

Name one regulatory burden that could be changed to make your day easier.

Only one? We have a lot of opportunity to improve rehabilitation outcomes of historic and new mines. The current legislation in Queensland attempts to address this, but the way it is implemented presents significant challenges that discourage innovation and best practice. Can I choose to change a guideline instead? They are easier to change… We need to improve the calculation of the Estimated Rehabilitation Costs in Queensland to ensure companies doing the right thing are encouraged to keep doing it.

How will you be spending the Christmas/New Year period? 

I’ll be spending it at home with my family and friends. We have recently adopted four chickens, so I’ll be spending time getting to know them and helping them get to know the ‘foundation’ chickens and get over the territorial issues emerging!

What is the worst/funniest Christmas present you have ever received (or given)? 

I’d rather people not spend money on unnecessary stuff and spend time with each other instead. I’m a terrible present giver – so I will assume most things I give people are bad. But last Christmas I actually received some drawer liners that smelled like chemist perfume.

What is your best/worst Christmas cracker joke? 

The only one I can ever remember is:

Q: What do you call a blind reindeer? A: No idea