Dec 08, 2020

Anglo donation to support burns research

Anglo donation to support burns research Anglo American has made a one-million dollar donation to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) Foundation to support burns and trauma care research

Medical and clinical research for burns and trauma care has been boosted by a one-million dollar donation from miner Anglo American to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) Foundation.

The donation will be invested into RBWH Foundation Research Fellowships and innovative research projects at the Herston Biofabrication Institute and Queensland Skin Culture Centre.

Burns patient psychological recovery will also be supported through the donation.

RBWH was renowned as being a world-leading hospital in burns treatments with one of the lowest mortality rates for burns internationally, said Professor Stuart Pegg Burns Centre, RBWH Foundation CEO, Simone Garske.

“We have seen this year that world class healthcare is an investment that keeps giving”, said Professor Gaske. “This donation will ensure RBWH can continue to lead the world with ground breaking research into burns, trauma, wounds and skin culture research.”

“It will also help develop Queensland’s first burns-specific psychological service and enhance existing peer support programs.”

A guiding principle of the partnership was for outcomes to also benefit regional Queenslanders and people living in rural and remote areas and for research outcomes to be shared internationally, said CEO of Anglo American’s Metallurgical Coal business Tyler Mitchelson.

The donation had been made out of respect and appreciation for the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, said Mr Mitchelson.

“We wanted to recognise the incredible care provided this year to our five colleagues from Grosvenor Mine,” Mr Mitchelson said

“We are very fortunate to have such a world class facility in Queensland, and our hope is that the donation will make a meaningful contribution to improving outcomes for all burns and trauma patients through clinical research, innovation and ongoing patient support.”. 

The research program was an opportunity for the brightest and most promising RBWH clinicians to delve deeper into their work and research in the burns area, said Acting Director of the RBWH Professor Stuart Pegg Burns Centre, Dr Jason Brown.

“These outcomes, through clinical research and innovation, will not only improve the outcomes for our RBWH patients but will contribute to the body of knowledge that is shared around the world, said Dr Brown.

“RBWH already has excellent patient treatment and care but just as important for burns survivors is psychological support once they are discharged from hospital and transitioning back to everyday life.

“There is a lack of highly specialised psychological research and evidence-based support for burns survivors and their loved ones.

“The Anglo-American donation will address that research gap and will also help develop and coordinate a peer support program,” 

Anglo American permanently sealed the section of longwall panel at the Grosvenor coal mine where a blast in May injured five underground miners.

The donation was the largest corporate philanthropic gift the Foundation has ever received said Mr Mitchelson.