Sep 11, 2020

Adani wins injunction against anti-coal activist

Adani wins injunction against anti-coal activist

Adani has won a battle against an anti-Carmichael mine activist, with the Queensland Supreme Court granting an injunction against activities including a ‘Dob in a Contractor’ campaign.

The ruling will require Galilee Blockade spokesman Ben Pennings to remove online material related to that campaign and content encouraging collection of confidential information about the mine.

An Adani spokeswoman said the injunction was requested in order to prevent Mr Pennings from continuing a sustained campaign of harassment and intimidation against the business and its contractors whilst the civil legal proceedings Adani had brought against him were underway.

“Adani recently launched civil legal proceedings against anti-fossil fuel activist Mr Ben Pennings to protect our rights, as well as those of our employees and contractors, to carry out legal and legitimate business activities free from intimidation and harassment,” she said.

“We have advised Mr Pennings that we would no longer pursue this legal matter if he made a permanent undertaking to: remove any online material related to the ‘Dob in a Contractor’ campaign, remove content from online channels that encourages the collation of confidential material about our business, and to stop what we allege is threatening behaviour towards our contractors and employees.

“Mr Pennings to date has not agreed to this undertaking and so we are proceeding with the civil case.”

Mr Pennings said the injunction followed two recent failed court applications by Adani to intimidate his family by raiding their home.

“Adani claims their legal strategy is not about inflicting hardship on me,” he said.

“Despite this successful injunction, Adani is still undertaking court action that could bankrupt my family. I shouldn’t have to sell our suburban family home to make a multi-billionaire even richer.

“So long as Adani threatens my family and the environment we all share I will do everything lawfully in my powers to stop them. The urgent need to stop new thermal coal mines is much bigger than any one individual. “