Jul 03, 2020

Sojitz paves the way for Crinum restart

Sojitz Blue says it is on track with plans to reopen production at the Crinum underground mine in Central Queensland around April next year. Sojitz Blue (then Sojitz Coal Mining) gained control of the mothballed Gregory Crinum coking coal site last year after acquiring it from BMA for $100 million. It is already in production from the Gregory open-cut, employing about 270 people in the Emerald region. The company has now turned its attention to bringing the former Crinum South underground mine back online in 2021. “We have been pumpin...

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BP may lay claim to being the original ‘Quiet Achiever’ but the baton could easily be passed to the Queensland coal industry.

It makes a $70 billion-plus export contribution to the Queensland economy, supports communities, drives logistics, technology development and job creation and is central to the state’s personality.

The iQ Media Group has supported Queensland coal for 16 years and advocates for continual improvement in safety, professional culture and the mining lifestyle.

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